Board of Governors

  • Gail Theobald

    Gail Theobald


  • Leah Robertson

    Leah Robertson


  • Mary Baker

    Mary Baker


  • Pete Schrenkel

    Pete Schrenkel


  • Deb Tilley

    Deb Tilley

    Immediate Past President

  • Michelle Wagner

    Michelle Wagner

    President, Summer Mummers

  • Lance Armour

    Lance Armour

    President, HamHocks

  • Valerie Acosta

    Valerie Acosta

    Board Member

  • Nellwyn Barnett

    Nellwyn Barnett

    Board Member

  • Brennan Berry

    Brennan Berry

    Board Member

  • Jeff Bryden

    Jeff Bryden

    Board Member

  • Annette Dozier

    Annette Dozier

    Board Member

  • Lisa Durgin

    Lisa Durgin

    Board Member

  • Micheal Fields

    Micheal Fields

    Board Member

  • Mike Grella

    Mike Grella

    Board Member

  • Kenny Lunda

    Kenny Lunda

    Board Member

  • Carma-Lynn Muscroft

    Carma-Lynn Muscroft

    Board Member

  • Laura Wolf

    Laura Wolf

    Board Member


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