Education Programs Information

  • Theatre School Sessions

    Registration for all 2019-2020 sessions opens August 5th! Don’t wait! Classes fill up quickly! 

    Theatre school classes for K-6 graders consist of 4 sessions throughout the school year. The final session celebrates the year with a production on our main stage. Theatre School classes find their inspiration from literature, and students have the opportunity to develop theatre, movement and dance, music, and art skills.

  • Centerstage

    Designed to serve students in 7-12 grade who would like to gain more knowledge and confidence while expanding their theatre experience, as well as those who have limited time to commit to theatre pursuits. Centerstage parallels skills learned in Pickwick classes, providing a training ground for those interested in the annual Pickwick audition in May.

  • Pre-K Creative Play

    Creative Play classes are an excellent opportunity for 3 and 4 year olds to experience not only theatre and fine arts, but a classroom setting as well.  This program offers 3 sessions throughout the school year, with literature based curriculum. Students learn pantomime, story structure, characterization, and other theatre skills while also developing fine and gross motor skills through craft activities and movement exercises.

  • Applause! Players

    The Applause! Players class is another crucial part of the department and is offered for students on the autism spectrum. The class uses theatre skills to develop social interaction and communication for 8 to 14 year olds. This program is constantly evolving to give special needs students an outlet to express themselves through the arts.

  • Pickwick Players

    The Pickwick Players play a vital role in all aspects of Education at MCT. This is an audition only theatre education, performance, leadership and service group for 7-12 grade students. Pickwick Players participate in 90 minute classes twice a week, learning different aspects of theatre, dance, and music. Once accepted into the Pickwick Players, students have the opportunity to audition for the three Pickwick productions during the year. Pickwick Players also volunteer to work in various programs in the Education Department, including Fine Arts Camp. Pickwicks participate in many community events throughout the year, including Yuletide at the Yucca.

  • School’s Out, Theatre’s In

    This fine arts day camp is offered on public school holidays (varies each year) for K-6 grade students. It offers a creative place for students with the day off from regular school activities. Students participate in art, dance, music, and theatre classes throughout the day. This day camp is a good introduction into the fine arts as well as a chance to hone theatre skills through collaboration.

  • Spring Break Fine Arts Camp

    Spring Break Fine Arts Camp shows what is at the heart of MCT’s Education Department. Ninety K-6 grade students enjoy a week long camp learning drama, art, puppetry, music, and dance with the assistance of the Pickwick Players. The last day of camp is a time for parents to come see what students have been working on all week in a showcase on the main stage. Fine Arts camp is a wonderful place to spend Spring Break and learn about all aspects of fine arts.

  • Summer Sessions

    Summer classes at MCT are for rising K-9 grade students. There are three summer sessions, centered on a theme to foster skill in fine arts. Students participate in theatre, dance, music, and art classes in 9 AM to Noon classes, Monday-Thursday.


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