McLaren Past Winners

  • 2015 Winner – Good Morning Howard

    David Neiman

    Chicago, IL

    Jennifer is awakened when her former co-worker, Howard, calls her at 3:00 AM.  Sad and desperate, Howard convinces Jennifer to let him in her apartment to talk, a decision she almost immediately regrets. Things grow even more bizarre when an upstairs neighbor and a local news anchor are both lured into the apartment. Do not miss the world premiere of this hilarious new comedy. 5 Actors: 3 Women, 2 Men

  • 2014 Winner – FIXIN’ UP

    John & Jenni Marsh

    Unit set

    4 men, 5 women – A shy guy is set-up on two blind dates – on the same night! – by well-meaning brother and sister-in-law. Mistaken identities, house renovations, and two dead cats get in the way of getting to know each other.

  • 2013 Winner – MOM’S GIFT

    Phil Olson

    Unit Set

    2 men, 3 women – An older daughter tries to survive a family gathering on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Meeting her Dad’s new girlfriend doesn’t help and neither does being able to see, hear, and speak to her mother.

  • 2012 Winner – WEDDING SECRETS

    Joseph Starzyk

    Unit set

    5 men, 6 women – Newlyweds keep their recent elopement from both sets of parents.

  • 2011 Winner – LARRY’S BEST FRIEND

    David C. Hill

    Multiple locations

    3 men, 2 women – Larry is cursed by an ex-girlfriend and wakes to find his beloved golden retriever transformed into a lovely young woman. He struggles with sanity as “Ginger” navigates her new world.


    Lawrence B. Fox, Esq.

    4 men, 3 women – a memory play

  • 2009 Winner – VIRTUALLY IN LOVE

    Bradford Owen

    4 men, 3 women – two lonely hearts seek mates via the Internet.

  • 2008 Winner – KNOCK, KNOCK

    Patrick S. McLaughlin

    Unit set with a strong door.

    6 men, 3 women – a young woman locks herself in the bathroom of a master suite during a dinner party and refuses to come out – hilarity ensues as her husband, friends, and local firemen try to coax, trick, and finally bust her out.

  • 2007 Winner – ARTIFICE

    Anne Flanagan

    Unit Set

    4 men, 4 women – At a private art sale, the “deceased” artist returns to claim his wife and his art, only to be thwarted by an art critic that could ruin him, a rumored gangster who might throttle him, a snowstorm that could bury him, and a spurned lover out to kill him – for good this time.

  • 2006 Winner – LAW & DISORDER

    Will Radford

    Office, apartment, café.

    2 men, 3 women – A young attorney and her rival set out to win a prestigious spot at their firm and the respect of their employer. When her nephew arrives from out-of-town they try to curry favor by showing him the sights and ending up longing to ditch him and forget the whole sorry affair.

  • 2005 Winner – WEE CARE

    William Payne

    Unit Set

    2 men, 3 women – A young man is gamely trying to establish a successful daycare, but between his best friend’s latest attempt to get rich quick, his harried employee trying to juggle multiple two-year old monsters, and dear-old mom butting in – things aren’t running too smoothly, but when the SWAT team arrives it really gets crazy.

  • 2004 Finalist – COLD FEET

    Louis Felder

    Unit Set – lots of secret entrances

    3 men, 3 women – On a dark and stormy night 3 women confess to murder, only to discover themselves haunted and then hunted by their victim.

  • 2003 Finalist – TOO GOOD TO SAY GOODBYE

    Jim Gustafsun

    Multiple suggested sets.

    4-5 men, 4-6 women – (there can be doubling)
    A writer of fiction has the characters in his head occupying his home; opinionated, obstinate, and desperate to live their lives on paper as intended. They do enjoy a bit of fun fixing up their creator with a young woman in a bid to rid him of writer’s block only to discover they are not alone.


    Dan D’Amario

    Multiple suggested locations

    5 men, 4 women, young girl – Playwrights arrive for a Theatre Festival featuring their work and enjoy the home-town appeal, artistic insights, and quirky characters of Midville, Texas.


    Carl L. Williams

    Unit set

    3 men, 3 women – The down home sister of a socialite wanna-be arrives just minutes before a cocktail party with an elegant couple sure to open doors for a woman desperate to leave the farm far behind her.

  • 1999 Winner – THERE SHOULD BE ROSES

    David L. Williams

    Multiple suggested locations

    4 men, 5-6 women – Two octogenarians escape the drab routine of their nursing home and head off across San Francisco to lay flowers on a beloved’s grave. Chased by street thugs and the nursing staff they find a helping hand in a woman left to her own devices by children busy raising the next generation.


    Sarah E. Bewley

    Unit Set

    2 men, 3 women – A writer decides to reduce her contractual obligations by “killing off” one of her many pseudo-nom-de-plumes and try to find time to write the great American novel instead of the romance fiction which has made her rich. No sooner has the ink dried on the death certificate than a fan shows up to profess his undying love for her work.


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