March 31-April 9, 2017

Davis Theatre I

Rating: the whole family

In a house on Egypt Street, there once lived a rabbit named Edward Tulane. Gifted to a girl named Abilene, he was treated well and loved beyond belief. As a result, Edward became vain and cold. One day; however, he was separated from Abilene and his world was turned upside down. Adapted from the 2006 children’s book, the whole family can enjoy Edward’s epic adventure.


  • Grayson Braziel - Abilene's father/Jack/Sarah's father/Lucius
  • Abby Cheek - Lucy the dog/Sarah Ruth/Doll
  • Chris Cheek - Martin/Bull/Neal
  • Macy Fulton -Edward
  • Madeline Gesell - Pellegrina/Nellie
  • Sydney Hobbs - Abilene/Shopper
  • Caitlin Lauritzen - Edward
  • Lizzy McQuien - Lolly/Marlene/Old Doll
  • Jordan Sanz - Amos/Bryce/Watchman/Lawrence
  • Amber Struble - Society Lady/Margery/Old Lady.


  • Director: Bill Williams
  • Stage Manager: Leanna Blackketter, Allison Gamertsfelder, Raleigh LeForge
  • Rehearsal Start: Wednesday, February 15th
  • Rehearsal End: Thursday, March 30th
  • Run Start: Friday, March 31st
  • Run End: Sunday, April 9th
  • Roles: Pickwick Only


Davis Theatre I