April 27-May 19, 2018

Mabee Theatre II

Rating: those age 12 and up due to subject matter and language

In rehearsal for a musical, a frazzled director battles with the executive director’s latest girlfriend, a bimbo who can’t sing, the quarrelsome male lead, a diva who can’t quit complaining, and the executive director himself, who can’t stop interfering. More madness than music takes the stage as theater staff and cast members clash in pursuit of art, commerce and romance. A crowd favorite at our 2017 McLaren festival that is sure to delight!


  • Eileen - Pam Keel
  • Morgan - Nicholas McRae
  • Marci - Elissa Russell
  • Blake - Marvin LeMaster
  • Iris - Delanna Fryar Thomas
  • Rose - Becca Haberman
  • Merri - Robtert Altany


  • Director: Andy Salcedo
  • When: 03/04/2018


Mabee Theatre II