June 1-September 1, 2018

Yucca Theatre

Co-Producer: Kent Kwik

Rating: an adult audience

Diabolical Deeds on the Diamond or Wait - was that a squirrel in the infield? Our heroine, Nell Woods, is back in town with her best friend, Jenn U Wine, to help save her father’s baseball team with an elaborate social media marketing plan. What she doesn’t know, is the devious Boris Mogul has plans of his own for the Midland Rockhounds! However, he didn’t count on the team’s new pitcher, Rocky Rhodes along with his best pal, Bull J. Winkle, who are here to lead the Midland Rockhounds into the playoffs! Determined to win, Boris enlists the help of Gemma Peel, the sultry proprietor of a local sports bar along with her dimwitted bar girls to carry out his evil plot! Purchase tickets now to find out is Boris will succeed in his evil plot or will Rocky save the day.  The balcony section is a No Popcorn Throwing area.  All on-line (website) sales are final. Co-Produced by Kent Kwik


  • Boris Mogul: Jeff Neely & Eli Torres
  • Natasha Darling: Rosanne Eaden & Staci Lumby
  • Rocky Rhodes: Tim Rosborough & Cody Tumlin
  • Dwayne J Winkle: Daniel Collins & Mark Kaufman
  • Nell Woods: Michelle Tate & Whitney Smith
  • Jenn U Wine: Hannah Torres & Debbie Kelly
  • Ash Woods: John Lyle & Eric Anthony
  • Gemma Peel: Narcy Neely & Jena Tumlin
  • Kit & Kat: Angela Reams
  • Allie Hawkins
  • Lisa Marie Sanchez
  • Amber Harris Olio Troupe: Jimmy Armendiaz
  • Sarah Cotton
  • Priscilla Espinoza
  • Tim Hudnall
  • Jason Kelliher
  • Debbie Kelly
  • Staci Lumby
  • Jared Miles
  • Jeff Neely
  • Roy Prewit
  • Sarah Ross-Kelliher
  • Jerry Tilley
  • Austin Wagner
  • Kristie Walton
  • Crista Black
  • Mark DeVries
  • Melissa Hagins
  • Deida Isbell
  • Diane Kelly
  • Rebecca Lindner
  • Amy Lyle
  • Denise Moore
  • Misty Muessing
  • Erica Patton
  • Erica Regan
  • Bryce Swinford
  • Joe Thomason
  • Michelle Wagner Card Girl: Wendi Fuller
  • Amy Lyle
  • Catlin Miles
  • Marcy Neely
  • Aimee St. Pierre MC: Don Woodward
  • Melissa Hagins
  • Debbie Kelly
  • Jason Kelliher
  • Roy Prewit
  • Bryce Swinford Dancers: Esmeralda Aceves
  • Cloe Aguilar
  • Eliana Arnold
  • Wendi Fuller
  • Amber Harris
  • Allie Hawkins
  • Analayh Leon
  • Mallori Martin
  • Caitlin Miles
  • Marcy Neely
  • Kiesha Ontiveros
  • Lauren Pruett
  • Misti Ray
  • Angela Reams
  • Asriana Ruiz
  • Lisa Marie Sanchez
  • Aimee St. Pierre
  • Kouhui Suckecki
  • Meghan Swain
  • Jena Tumlin
  • Lindsey Villareal
  • Megan Willies Specialty Acts: PHAT Chicks
  • Golden Girls
  • Song-Joe Thomason


  • Director: Don Woodward-Melodrama, Jeff Neely-Olio
  • Stage Manager: Laura Abbott, Doug Hart, Lauren Darnell, Jared Miles
  • Choreographer: Misti Ray
  • Company Meeting: Monday, April 16th
  • Rehearsal Start: Monday, April 16th
  • Rehearsal End: Thursday, May 31st
  • Tech Week Start: Saturday, May 26th
  • Tech Week End: Thursday, May 31st
  • Run Start: Friday, June 1st
  • Run End: Saturday, September 1st


Yucca Theatre