October 19-November 10, 2018

Mabee Theatre II

Co-Producer: Atmos Energy

Rating: those age 12 and up due to subject matter and language

Suzannah needs a lot more help at home than she’s getting from her husband, Gibby. Enter Beth Bailey, Suzannah’s newly-hired assistant, a gregarious, highly-motivated daughter of the South. To Suzannah’s delight, Beth explodes into the Hayden household and whips it into an organized, well-run machine. Suzannah gives Beth the freedom to make any changes in the household to make it run more efficiently. And the change Beth makes is that Gibby must go! This side-splitting comedic romp about marriage is sure to entertain!



  • Suzannah - Delanna Thomas
  • Gibby - Jason Kelliher
  • Margo - Cassandra Cheek
  • Hank - Matt Moulton
  • Beth - Sarah Ross Kelliher
  • Mrs. C - Denise Moore


Mabee Theatre II