Every Ham needs it Hock!

The Mission

The Benevolent Order of Hamhocks serves as the volunteer/production auxiliary for Midland Community Theatre.

  • They create interest in MCT.
  • Recruit offstage volunteer workers for MCT.
  • Help in training new volunteers to MCT.


You can always recognize a Hamhock. Just take a look around MCT or the Yucca. See all the people busting their humps to make the production and your experience better? See the sweat on their brows and the smile on their faces? Those are Hamhocks.

Becoming a HamHock

  • No Minimum Age Requirement
  • To become “eligible” work backstage on four productions, in four¬†different areas (lights, sound, ASM…)¬†or Summer Mummers.
  • Pay Yearly Dues (only $5)
  • Work at least one event or show each year to maintain status.



Become a Member

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