Davis Theatre I

RATING: Recommended for the whole family

CoProduced by Lissa Noel Wagner and Frances Brown

A young woman named Ella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters, who treat her like a servant girl ever since the death of her late father. Because she sits by the fireplace and is dirty from the cinders, they call her “Cinderella.” One day, a chance encounter with the handsome Prince Topher sets in motion a series of events that will change Ella’s life forever. A timeless tale of enchantment, romance, and rising above one’s circumstances, this classic musical shows audiences that everything is possible!

Cinderella - Rachael Harper
Prince Topher - Bryce Guerrero
Marie - Renee Pocsik 
Madame - Reagan Harper
Charlotte - Micaela Grenier
Gabrielle - Kaitlyn Klattenhoff
Jean-Michel - Kevin Leoffler
Sebastian - Carl Beery Moore
Lord Pinkleton - Daryl Berry


Carmina Aguilar
Bradley Bourke
Heather Bredimus
Tobin Scott Brannan 
Alex Calentine
Breanna Carrasco
Alejandro De la Rosa Azumendi
Stephanie Dresel 
Caroline Englestad
Wendi Guerrero
Isaac Harper
Cody Juarez
Craig Leoffler
Camryn Matheson
Houston McCain
Seneca Mick
Caitlin Walker Miles
Tyler Morgan
Matt Scott
Lily Windham