22-MCT-14808 - 2023 Season Play Logos Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

February 3 - March 4, 2023

Davis Theatre I

RATING: Recommended for the whole family

Coproduced by Lissa Noël Wagner in honor of Wagner and Brown Ltd.

The world-famous Willy Wonka is opening the gates to his mysterious factory…but only to a lucky few. Young Charlie Bucket and four other golden ticket winners will embark on a life-changing journey through Wonka’s world of pure imagination including chocolate waterfalls, nutty squirrels and the great glass elevator, all to be revealed by Wonka's army of curious Oompa-Loompas. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is your golden ticket to scrumptious, crowd-pleasing fun for the entire family!

Willy Wonka - Robert Reed
Charlie ( Purple) - Cooper Green
Charlie (Indigo) - Ryan Stennis
Mrs. Bucket/Squirrel - Carrie Kirkpatrick
Grandpa Joe - Daryl Berry
Mrs. Teavee - Kristi Phillips
Mike (Purple) - Logan Bredimus
Mike (Indigo) Jack Bredimus
Mr. Salt - Hiram Flores
Veruca Salt (Purple) - Pailyn Arthur
Veruca Salt (Indigo) - Ava Young
Mr. Beauregarde - Victor Parra
Violet Beauregarde (Purple) - Jesslyn Hudson
Violet Beauregarde (Indigo) - Harper Wells
Mrs. Gloop - Lisa Barnett
Augustus Gloop (Purple) - Asher Jackson
Augustus Gloop (Indigo) - Maverick Parks
Mrs. Green/Squirrel - Heather Bredimus
Grandpa George - Garrett Shock
Grandma Georgina/Squirrel - Alicia Stoffers
Grandma Josephine/Squirrel - Jenna Thomas
Jerry - Tobin Brennan


Cherry - Alex Calentine
Ensemble - Gehrig Cortez
Ensemble - Matt Rist
Ensemble - Elija Rivera
Ensemble - Jonah Thatcher
Ensemble - Rowan Hashem 
Ensemble - Lisha Hernandez
Ensemble - Imani Shaw
Ensemble - Anni Worley
Youth Ensemble - Kenley Green
Youth Ensemble - Vivian Willoughby