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Treasure Island

March, 2020

Mabee Theatre II


A young boy named Jim watches over an inn on the English seaside with his mother and gravely ill father. When a guest at the inn named Billy Bones falls ill and dies just as pirates descend to kill him and ransack his things, Jim escapes with his mother and a pouch filled with coins and, as he discovers later, a treasure map. What follows is an adventure on the high seas in search for treasure with a crew of hired hands, including a man called Long John Silver, the ship’s cook. Mutiny, piracy, and a battle for the riches of the island abound in this swash-buckling adventure. Based on the legendary novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Pickwick Players will bring these iconic characters to life in Mabee Theatre II!


Upcoming Shows

The Music Man

Harold Hill, a fast-talking con man, plans to trick the people of River City, Iowa into starting a boys’ band by selling them the uniforms and instruments


Based on the beloved classic, join Jack as he seeks adventure and riches on the high seas with the insidious Long John Silver looking to thwart his plans and take the treasure for himself! 


Atticus Finch must defend an innocent man while challenging social constructs and prejudices. 

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