when bullfrogs sing opera

When Bullfrogs Sing Opera

April/May, 2020

Mabee Theatre II


Millicent has reached the height of big-city society. Her sister, Coreen, on the other hand, chose to stay in the country…until now! How can Millicent keep her embarrassing past a secret when Coreen, as country as cornbread and grits, shows up spouting her backwoods sentiments to everyone at Millicent's party? Frantic, Millicent decides to pass Coreen off as an actress, Rebecca Manderley, who never leaves her latest role in a play. But why would Coreen leave Bullfrog Waller after all these years? Deceit and conceit ultimately reveal not just secrets, but what matters most in life. Audiences can’t help but catch Coreen’s positive outlook on life!


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