The wind in the willows

The Wind in the Willows

October 30 - November 14, 2020

Davis Theatre I

COPRODUCER: Pioneer Natural Resources
A Pickwick Players Production

The story begins with Mole, who is at home doing spring cleaning and he is quite bored with it. He casts down his cleaning instruments and runs to the surface to plow through rabbits along the roads and through grasses in the meadows to the river. It is at the river that Mole meets Rat, and the two form an immediate friendship. The friendship brings Rat’s friends Badger, Otter, and Toad into the story. Join these five friends on their adventures and misadventures as they navigate the world and learn what it is to live and love!

Wind Cast

Storyteller - Landry Wood
Stage Hand #1 - Jade Lang
Stage Hand #2 - Anni Worley
Mole - Nicole DenBleyker
Rat - Richard Werner 
Toad - Abi Cheek
Badger - Gabriel Almager
Stage Manager - Chloe Thacher
Lights - Avery Struble
Sound - Leah Speed
Projections - Braden Bond 
Assistant Stage Manager - Shayne Thompson
Assistant Stage Manager - Imani Shaw

Willows Cast

Storyteller - Lauren Haile
Stage Hand #1 - Danielle Bryden
Stage Hand #2 - Xavier Jones
Mole - Keren Ortega
Rat - Sarah Wofford 
Toad - Vivian Willoughby
Badger - Rachael Harper
Stage Manager - Alexa Lewis
Lights - Audrie Davis
Sound - Sadie Davis
Projections - Camille Dinger 
Assistant Stage Manager - Bella Newbrough
Assistant Stage Manager - Hope Newbrough